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It's about TIME!

2022, EB duet's bringing their brand new album: "Time After Time," presenting "TIME" with their interpretation of time-honored classics ranging from the '40s: "At last," "It's been a long, long time" up to the 2000s "wake me up with September ends."

"That was 2012 when we started recording our first album, 'The Beginning,' It's been ten years!" The duo recalls. "At times, it may feel like time moves so slowly, yet when we look back, it makes us wonder how it passes so quickly!" "This album is all about 'TIME,' the one thing non of us can escape experiencing! We hope our audiences will have a pleasant one with the company of our songs!"

It's about Time! Let's enjoy the passage of time with the company of Eve & Billy!

Track List

    1. At Last
    2. First Of May
    3. It's Been A long long Time
    4. On and On
    5. Sealed with a Kiss
    6. September
    7. Time After Time
    8. Try to Remember
    9. Unchained Melody
    10. What a difference a day Makes
    11. Wake me up When September Ends
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