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✨NEW ALBUM 2024: < Luminance璀璨 <="" strong=""> < strong=""> > by EB DUET✨

The 80s and 90s marked a splendid era in the Chinese pop music scene,

where musical icons and their chart-topping hits gleamed like dazzling stars, radiant and luminous.

However, beneath the radiant glow of mainstream chart-toppers,

there were overlooked hidden gems of heart-illuminating songs.

If you're a fan of of A-Mei, you've likely listened to "聽海," but you might not be as familiar with "聽你,聽我."

If you're fond of of Faye Wong, you're certainly well-acquainted with "天空," but you may not recall "不變" from the same album.

If you're a devotee of Leslie Cheung, you're undoubtedly familiar with ", ”今生今世 “, and "當愛已成往事" but you may not be acquainted with "一輩子失去了你" from the same album.

In 2024, EB Duet welcomes their seventh album, embracing simplicity with only guitar and vocals.

Intertwining these hidden gems and re-imagining each non-mainstream classic, they ignite a spark of Luminance ✨in the hearts of listeners.


八 、九十年代是中文流行樂壇光輝燦爛的時代 ,巨星和金曲如耀眼星辰 ,閃耀璀璨

然而在主流大紅歌曲炫目的璀璨光芒下 ,隱藏的好歌卻也不在少数 :



如果你喜歡張國榮,你一定知道《追》,《今生今世》,《當愛已成往事》等等 ,

但對於來自同一張專輯中的《一輩子失去了你》,可能感覺陌生 ...

二零二四年 ,迎來 EB DUET 的第七張專輯, 只以吉他與歌聲相伴, 簡約而純粹,

串連起顆顆遺珠 ,重新演繹首首非主流經典 ,

呈現最直接 ,真實 與 純粹的感動, 燃起心中璀璨✨火花…


曲目Track List:

01。 璀璨Luminance (by EB duet)

02。 信Faith

03。 袖手旁觀Stand Aside

04。 不變Unchanged

05。 聽你聽我Listen to You, Listen to Me

06。 改變Change

07。 忘不了Unforgettable

08。 秋天別來Autumn, Don’t Come

09。 心碎Broken Heart

10。 猜心Heart’s Puzzle

11。一輩子失去了你Lost You Forever

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